The Team


Yvan Caro

Yvan began refining his skills as a DJ in his parents’ basement as a teenager. Soon thereafter, he brought his unique style to house parties and high school dances. With his mixed cultural background and a passion for various styles of music, entertaining a crowd came somewhat naturally. In college, he became friends with Samir Khullar (aka Sugar Sammy), who selflessly played an important role in paving the way for Yvan’s success as a DJ. Yvan created his alter-ego (DJ SPY-C), and with Sam’s help, made his way onto the club scene. This is where he truly learned the art of beat mixing and blending. Combining those skills with his bachelor’s degree in psychology and the organizational knowledge he acquired from working in the corporate world for several years, it’s clear that Yvan was ready to start his own entertainment company. Since 2012, he has been the proud co-founder of Exclusive Events and is still rocking crowds at every type of event.


Master of ceremonies

Fabrice Lajeunesse

Fabrice joined the team in 2013 and is the company’s main francophone Master of Ceremonies. With over 20 years of experience in diverse forms of entertainment, Fabrice is undoubtedly multi-talented. As a musician, singer, band-leader and skilled improv comedian, Fabrice adds a personal touch to your event, making it even more exclusive!

Fabrice_Lajeunesse_The_Team_Exclusive _Events


Tommy Furino

Simply stated, Tommy loves entertaining people. Being in front of a crowd is what makes him tick and ultimately motivates him to hone his craft continuously. He spent 3 years working in the radio business. While he loved the knowledge and experience he gained from that, he felt he needed a closer connection to his audience. So, from there, he went on to train and work as an actor and master of ceremonies. This is something he still loves and continues to pursue. His passion for what he does is one of his greatest strengths. He will put everything he has into every single performance and will take you along for the ride. Tommy is proud to be one of the co-founders of Exclusive Events and continues to help in the company’s development.

Tommy Furino

How we got here

Our Story

Exclusive Events was founded by two friends sharing a common vision. This vision ultimately became their mission statement. They sincerely believe that producing an event with the combination of excellent music, quality sound, and beautiful lighting based specifically on their client’s needs and expectations for their wedding, corporate event, or private party, is what sets them apart from others. Their main focus is always on the client’s satisfaction and their commitment to making their dream event a reality.

It all started in late 2009 when Yvan was hired to DJ a friend’s wedding. He wanted to make that day perfect for her, so he asked Tommy if he’d be willing to help him out as the MC. Tommy accepted, and they ended up putting on a great show. Not long after that wedding, Yvan got a call from his friend Sugar Sammy that changed everything. As it turns out, Sam needed Yvan’s help with a particular project for his Canadian tour. From there, things really began snowballing for Yvan and Tommy. And as the proverbial saying goes, the rest is history. Exclusive Events was born.

Since then, they have entertained guests at over 200 weddings and headlined some remarkable corporate events for companies in television (CTV, RDS), banking (RBC, Scotia Bank, Desjardins), pharmaceuticals (Pfizer, Abbott, Pharmascience, Otsuka), and many others industries in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. For the last several years, Exclusive Events has been the official DJ for the annual Liberal Caucus Holiday Event hosted by Canada’s Prime Minister and attended by over 2500 guests in Ottawa’s Shaw Center. Ultimately though, they are proudest of their work for various organizations in fundraising events, such as Montreal Children’s Hospital, Leucan, Fondation Virage, and WIAIH, just to name a few. For the team at Exclusive Events, this isn’t only their business… It’s their passion!